Analysis Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Like most best-selling books, “The Glass Castle” has taken up the opportunity to be made into a movie. A book based on a memoir of the Jeannette Walls who portrays that the idea of family, poverty, and education, was not always what it seems. An alcoholic father played by Woody Harrelson and a condescending artistic mother played by Naomi Watts who showed that there was still hope beyond the conditions that they were in yet failed to show. When it was first released back in August 2017, the anticipation for the movie wasn’t as expected compared to the book in my opinion. It didn’t really portray what Jeannette Walls had felt and seen in the book. The girl who expressed so much of how she felt in the book seemed very vague in the movie. “I was standing on a chair in front of the stove, wearing a pink dress my grandmother had bought for me”(9). The three-year-old Jeannette Walls had described as she was preparing to “cook hot dogs” as the “late-morning sunlight” shines through the “trailer’s small kitchenette window” (9). Instead, we see a six- or seven year-old Jeannette reading what seems to be a book in the movie while she asks her mother are they going to have any lunch and her mother’s response implied that Jeannette should do it on her own. This was transitioned into the scene where she did end …show more content…

As she describes in the book, “I felt a blaze of heat on my right side. I turned to see where it was coming from and realized my dress was on fire”(9). From the movie perspective, it was until she saw it ride up her dress that she screamed in terror, which from the book,

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