Memoir: The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Gabriel bravo Ms.Hayes ERWC March. 16, 2018 The Glass castle The book The Glass Castle is a memoir based on the life and experiences of Jeannette Walls while growing up with her family. The main characters in the walls family are Rex the dad, Rose Mary the mom , and their children lori, maureen, brian and Jeanette the protagonist. Throughout the story the Walls were constantly on the move traveling across the United States mainly because Rex was unable to keep his jobs because of addiction, of course Rose Mary also contributed to their dysfunction as parents. In their adventures the kids saw many aspects of life that most people would never even imagine to live at such a young age and they also learned many important life lessons. Jeannette grew up to be a successful person by most people’s standards but she was still not happy with herself and felt ashamed because she was living a life of wealth while her parents were homeless but even through all this chaos she …show more content…

However it is a pitiful situation to be an alcoholic because no matter what you do stay away from addiction It will always come back and this was exactly what constantly keep happening to Rex. Many times during the story he repetibley made his desire to quit his addiction but sometimes just wanting to change is not enough and Rex served as a clear example of how addictions can devastate families. Even with all of the challenges addiction presented in Rex’s life he still managed to teach his children valuable life lessons which helped his children succeed especially Jeannette who was arguably his greatest disciple. Even though Rex tried his best some might say that his methods for raising his children had adverse consequences in the children's

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