The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls: Character Analysis

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In the book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Rex is very important character because he plays a key role in his kids lives. This character named Rex has many point when he is helpful and others with he is not in his right mind. He is in a hard time when he does not have much money and him and his wife Rose Mary does not have money management skills.These are just a couple of reasons why things you do have consequences for the actions.

There are many parts in the story where something they do have a consequence right now I will find a couple examples of this. In this part of the story is when Jennette got hurt cooking and went to a hospital and her dad does not like that idea so he finds a way out of the problem. “He told we were going to check out”(Walls 14).This reveals the he does not believe the doctors will help her but that is the best way she will get better the the injury. I believe this is a reason the are run because they are afraid of DHS (Department of Human Services). Another one is when Rex is trying to teach Jeannette to swim but he forces …show more content…

Right now the is a part where Jeannette is living in New York and most of her family is still in Welch. “ Dad was drunk all the time except when he was in jail; Mom had completely withdrawn into her own world; Maureen was more or less living with neighbors”(Walls 249). This is just there family falling apart in Welch and has many problems and they need to find a solution fast. Last,this is a very bad ending for Rex and now Rex will find out why he should not done all those bad things. “It's just the machines keeping him alive at this point” Mom said;(Walls 280). In the book it never said why he got the heart attack but it was most likely all of the smoking and drink that led up to this. This is the reason why u dont do this stuff so the it wont end like this.Most everything has a consequences for every

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