Analysis Of The Walls Family In The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Every once in awhile a horrible situation occurs expecting the worst to happen when in reality something good comes out of it, such as the events in the Walls family in the Glass Castle by author Jeannette Walls. An event that would of turned terrible but went another direction was when Rex and Rose couldn’t buy christmas gifts for the kids (pg.39). During that period the Walls were pretty poor and couldn’t afford to get each other gifts during the holiday’s. The result of this could 've ended in sadness and disappointment, but to spare that Rose and Rex told the kids the truth where Santa wasn’t real. Telling the kids that Santa wasn’t real made them feel apart of a secret other kids didn’t know, which made them feel special. Instead …show more content…

How this turned out to be good was that after their argument, the next day Rose got a job as a teacher at their elementary. The argument forced her and made her realize she needed to get a job. Although the argument could of turned out to be violent and lead to someone getting hurt, if the fight had never occured Rose wouldn’t have applied for the teaching job. Her being a teacher brought home more money than they usually have, meaning they were able to have food in the fridge benefitting for the whole family. In one of the chapters Jeannette said with her mom having a job they could put mayonnaise in her hair for picture day to make her hair look good (pg. 76). This shows the improvements from before and after the argument as to before they could not even afford food. The fight between Rex and Rose could of gone one way or another but turned out to be better for the rest of the family. Choosing the high road during a complicated condition can lead to positive outcomes, like Rosemary did in the argument. Having a negative situation might not be that bad considering that it can give something more, such as the kids getting stars and planets for christmas instead of gifts. The Walls family have had it pretty tough but yet they have managed to turn a bad situation into something

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