Character Analysis: The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle

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Do you believe women can do things just as easily as men can? In the novel, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Charlotte Doyle becomes part of the crew on the ship, the Seahawk. For starters, Charlotte is very brave, she climbed the Royal Yard just to become part of the crew. She is also tough, her knife throwing skills are incredible! Additionally, Charlotte is a hard worker. She works her full hours and helped the ship survive the hurricane. Charlotte Doyle has the skills needed to become part of the crew. Charlotte becomes part of the crew in the novel. She is very brave, which is one of the reasons why she becomes part of the crew. The other men tell her that in order to become one of them, she must climb to the top of the Royal …show more content…

For starters, she works her full hours. When she became part of the crew, she was working on hand and foot to fill in for Zachariah. Page 140 states, “To work meant to live. And work we did for upwards of three hours. Then we were released.” Charlotte says when she becomes part of the crew. In addition, Charlotte worked very hard in the storm. When the hurricane hit, Charlotte was ready to help the Seahawk survive the storm. She worked on the main mast when it was about to go down. She even cut off her own hair, thirteen years of locks gone! When she reached the spot that she needed to fix on the mast, the Seahawk plunged down into the salty waters. Charlotte hung on for dear life, as she bobbed up and down in the ocean. God knows how, but she held on. Charlotte finally recovered and was safe. The sun appeared like a ball of fiery light in the sky. The storm was over, and the Seahawk was safe. Furthermore, Charlotte has worked on her knife throwing skills with Grimes. He started teaching her how to throw a knife so she can use it for emergencies and protection later on. Knife throwing skills are the main thing a crew member needs to know. That is why Charlotte is taught how to throw

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