Importance Of Moral Integrity In Nursing

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Background and Significance of the Study Moral integrity is the key ingredients and navigator in professional nurses that lead to ultimate goal of nursing care. It has been recognized as a fundamental part of professional nurses’ practice (Ulrich et al, 2010; Pavlish et al, 2012). Professional nurses play the largest role to support the need for individualized treatment of the patient. The goals of the profession of nursing are related to ethical and involve protecting patients from harm while providing care that is the most benefit for the patient (Bosek, 2009; Kopala&Burkhart, 2005; Helft, 2011; Susan, 2013,). Nowadays, professional nurses have encountered to face and manage with moral problem that occur from complexity of patient health problems, advances in technology, inappropriate of health care system, policies and priorities that conflict with care needs, inadequate staffing and increased turnover, or lack of administrative support (Brazil et al. 2010; Eizenberg et al. 2009; Elpern et al. 2005; Epstein, 2008; Gutierrez, 2005; Peter, 2008; Radzvin, 2010; Redman and Fry, 2000; Solomon et al. 2005; Sporrong et al. 2006; Wigglelon et al 2010). The goals of nursing profession are involve ethical and protecting patients from harm (Kopala& Burkhart, 2005). It is looking at or investigating certain issues about human ability that concerned what ought to be, what is right, or wrong. Nurses have to face with patients, families, physicians, and other professionals who are a

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