Characteristics Of Bsn Essential Viii

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BSN Essential VIII is about professionalism and professional values. Professionalism is very important in nursing practice and defined as the demonstration of core values that directly relate to nursing profession. First core value, that related to nursing practice is altruism. Altruism is the ability of oneself to be selfless and have a dedication to the welfare of others. In nursing practice, altruism is a main key characteristic that needs to be present within the relationship between nurse and her patient to ensure and secure appropriate care and a healing environment. Another core value is caring. Caring is central in nursing practice. It includes such characteristics demonstrated by the nurse as empathy, connection to, and being with the patient. All these characteristics lead to sensitive, safe, and patient-centered care. Next core value related to nursing is …show more content…

Ethics is very important in nursing practice and involves respect and advocacy for the needs of the patient. Both, ethics and honesty have major impact on patient safety. Another core value is autonomy. Autonomy is demonstrated when the nurse supports independent decision making and respects the patient`s right to self-determine the course of action. Human dignity is another core value in nursing practice. Human dignity is respect for individuals who have unique characteristics. Every person has the right to be treated with honor and respect and preserving human dignity is very important in nursing practice. Next core value is integrity. Integrity is demonstrated when the nurse provides honest care that based on ethical framework accepted within the nursing profession. Social justice is another core value in nursing practice. Social justice is the provision of fair treatment to all patients not taking into consideration economic status, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation,

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