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My Personal Philosophy and Values of Nursing Nursing is proving care, support, and serve people who are in need. The purpose of nursing is to improve patient 's health condition to a better life. The goal of this paper is to explain my personal philosophy and clarify some of my values of nursing. Personal Philosophy There are four concepts in the metaparadigm. The first one talks about the nursing. Nursing is precisely the way Nightingales puts it, relieving pain and suffering which restore patient 's health by managing the environment. In my nursing practice, the patient always comes first. The patient care comes first in every decision. If for example, a new room assignment may jeopardize patient safety, the change won 't go on. Even if …show more content…

My faith allows me the interact with my client on a different level. As a Christian, and firm believer in Christ, help me encourage my patient and give hope of a better future. My family is the second most essential values. When nurses can relate to their patient 's values, it forms a trust relationship. Just taking the talk about each other 's children can form a bond. Lastly, health is the least important. I choose health as the last value because spirituality and family come first before anything. If I 'm healthy but has no spiritual life or family, my excellent health does not amount to anything. However, if I have great faith and family that supports me, my unhealthiness does not mean anything. Health is one of the professional value reflected in the personal philosophy. Caring is another value that is in the personal philosophy. Provisions and Impact The two provisions in the ANA 's Code of Ethics for Nurses with interpretive statement I think I could improve incorporate into my practice are collaboration and promoting. Collaborating with other health professionals to protect human rights can provide me with more knowledge into my practice. Promoting health diplomacy allows me to be more up to date on evidence-based practice research. These two improvements can improve my practice in two ways. I can provide more knowledge and open the door for more networking opportunity

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