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Caring for The Individual: An Examination of Personal Nursing Philosophy Arianna Mailloux 400164224 NURSING 2AA3 Ashley Collins Harris February 19, 2018 As a novice nurse, developing and understanding of ones’ own personal feelings about nursing is important to help shape your clinical practice. Within this paper I will examine my personal assumptions, beliefs and values of the four nursing paradigms to develop a personal philosophy of nursing. This philosophy will be aligned with a known nursing theory and the comparisons will be discussed. Section I: Personal Philosophy of Nursing Person I define person as an individual being with their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions. To me, it encompasses all aspects of a whole…show more content…
From these realizations I have concluded that the professional nursing theories which most align with my own philosophy is a combination of Jean Watson’s theory of human caring and Rosemarie Parse’s theory of human becoming. Watson’s theory of human caring outlines the science behind caring as a driving force and framework for practice in nursing. It explores the concept that “humanities address themselves to deeper values of the quality of living and dying, which involve philosophical, ethical, psychosocial and moral issues” (Watson, 2005, p. 2). Within her original text, Watson outlined 10 “carative factors” which help integrate the science of healthcare field with the more holistic nuances of nursing and the phenomena that is the human…show more content…
63). It is based on the assumptions that humans are unitary beings and also works off the assumption that each unitary being is constantly coexisting, interacting, and exchanging with the universe around them. This theory emphasizes that although infinitely intertwined with their environment, each individual person or group interacts differently; creating their own personalized worldview and definition of health and well-being. Parse describes that humans are intentional and that “their involvements are not random but chosen for reasons known and not known” and that being human is the act of being intentional, open, present, and knowing with the world around you. Parse also discusses the importance of being “truly present” (Parse, 1998, p. 71) and the goal of her theory is to support people as they enhance their quality of

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