Family Nurse Practitioner: Similarities/Differences

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emplate Observations (Similarities/Differences) Ethics My future role is Family Nurse Practitioner. Ethics deals with the actions of being right and wrong and what is good and what is bad (Barker & Denisco, 2016). The ethical guidelines provide advanced practice nurses their job description within the scope of practice and prevent them from underdoing or overdoing their job. My comparison role is as Graduate Nurse. Ethics serve as a guide for moral and ethical conduct and thus treat people with dignity, respect and uniqueness regardless of age, sex, color or religion. Also adhere to their job description and within the nation’s healthcare workforce. Surveys from several nursing specializations reported that there is no differences in…show more content…
Clinical Nurse Leaders are part of an interdisciplinary team members working together to plan and implement most effective patient care. There are differences in terms of leadership. Family Nurse Practitioners act as a leader related to patient care in terms of patient diagnosis, treatment modalities for the wellbeing of the patient and community. Registered Nurses with their work experiences can work as clinical nurse leaders and monitor the care provided by the nurses on the unit. They participate in other nursing organizations or committees and provide suggestions to improve health care system. Public Health In community health setting, Advanced Practice Nurses serve as clinicians, nurse educators or administrators. They provide services in schools, day care centers, community health clinics, group homes as well as in skilled nursing facilities. They are involved in the health of new mothers and babies through pre-and post-natal care, preventing domestic violence and child abuse through education and awareness…show more content…
Role of Graduate Nurse in Informatics are: 1) computer generated nursing care plan for each patient. 2) reminder and prompts that appear during documentation to ensure comprehensive charting. 3) help as a communication aid to other health care professionals taking care of the same patient. For example, Electronic Health Record. The role of Advanced Practice Nurses and Registered Nurses are same in Informatics regarding accessing, protecting and documenting patients Electronic Health Record(EHR). APRN’s have more access to EHR. For example, they have access to pictures of MRI, Echo and x-rays. Business/Finance Family Nurse Practitioners play a significant role in delivering cost effective health care to the community by emphasizing more on healthy life styles, preventive health care and provide better primary care compared to physicians by listening to the patients and spending more time with
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