New Mexico Essential Healthcare Mission Statement

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The mission statement of any healthcare organization must relay the true purpose. Hofstrand (2009) suggested that a statement of mission is a universal announcement of how your vision will be achieved. The vision and the mission are directly connected. Both need to be simple and easy to appreciate and remember. The focus of the company would be on all the patients and the mission statement would look something like that: “New Mexico Essential Healthcare is a non-profit organization that operates throughout the state. Our mission is to provide high-quality patient care, excellent clinical and leadership services, compassionate care, and continuing improvement.” NM Essential Healthcare would incorporate various advance practice nurses into their …show more content…

Nurse practitioners will be present at all outpatient locations functioning as primary care providers in family practice and other practice settings (pediatrics, geriatrics, acute care, and other specialties). CNMs will be providing midwifery care along with primary health care of women. Nurse-midwives in United States have demonstrated excellent results in their field of practice throughout the years, especially attending to underserved, uninsured, low-income women (Lindeke, Fagerlund, Avery, & Zwygart-Stauffacher, 2010). CNSs will serve the role of case managers and care coordinators mainly at the hospital leading discharge planning of those patients with complex health problems. CRNAs will provide their services at the hospital for the patients in the intensive care unit. Lindeke, Fagerlund, Avery, and Zwygart-Stauffacher (2010) noted that such APNs deliver anesthesia and anesthesia-related service in collaboration with other healthcare professionals. Lastly, APNs would be a great addition to New Mexico Essential Healthcare because they not only assume active leadership roles, but also serve as educators, patient advocates, and consultants (Zwygart-Stauffacher,

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