P6 Explain The Role Of Supportive Relationships To Reduce The Risk Of Abuse And Neglect

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In P6 of my work I am going to explain the role of supportive relationships to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect.
If a person is interested in a career in health and social care is important you develop the skills needed to form professional supportive relationship with individuals and their families. So you need a basic understanding of the elements that make up a relationship.
• Core principles of Care
Core principles of care are seen as being important principle which has to be followed by all people work in health and care services. The core principles are that the professionals within the service should accept equality and diversity of people and should also accept and respect people’s rights and responsibility.
Methods of communication and listening
If a person listens carefully and use active listening then the person is more comfortable in talking to you this can be called effective communication. The individuals might prefer different methods of communication this might involve if there is a deaf person they might need a hearing aid to help them communicate effectively. If a person does not speak English then they will need a translator to help them.
Respect for culture
An effective relationship can involve a professional respecting the individual for who they are this is can be seen as a positive thing because it is …show more content…

A supportive relationship is important to the service user because the service user wants to confide to someone with their problems or concerns. If the service user trusts the professional then it is likely for the service user to talk to them about personal information. In health and social care settings a supportive relationship is most needed because the service user is sometimes not around family and wants to confide something to the professional. The multi- disciplinary team will check the needs of the service user and provide them with the right

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