Explain The Effects Of Neglect And Abuse

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All things considered, the elderly adults can neither voice their opinions, some individuals think that they are not giving anything to society, therefore they don’t see them as important to look after them.
Social effects might include that the effects of neglect and abuse will vary from generation to generation, for example, individuals such as grandchildren who witness abuse, will therefore witness behaviour which is negative towards adults who are older, therefore the children will assume it is acceptable to disrespect individuals such as adults. This indicates that neglect of older adults is not a private matter, as it affects individuals, communities and, families, compelling society to carry on with what they assume right.
Whilst responding to direct , and indirect disclosure it is important to listen carefully, as there self reliance isn’t that strong, therefore are in a situation where Chloe is not able to rely on herself, therefore the service user who has been victimised to abuse relies on the service provider.
Likewise, the service provider should follow the correct procedures of the setting in order to deal with the emotions and feelings of Chloe. Having said that, the vulnerable adult Chloe, who is an individual who is exploited to abuse, therefore she explains her …show more content…

The symptoms of postnatal depression for her meant, she would feel sad after she gave birth, it lasted more than a year, she would also feel fatigue (tired), therefore had a loss of interest in enjoying things she usually had fun with. Chloe’s depression interfered with her daily life, and increased anxiety, she felt that she was unable to look after her child, and she also felt anxious to keep in touch with family and friends, likewise, she stopped sharing her feelings, some signs included her crying for no reason, therefore a friend who witnessed her changes informed a service provider as their

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