Enabling Professionalism Reflection

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Enabling Professionalism reflection This is a reflection on continuing professional and personal development in practice. This reflection is to allow me to improve profeesionally with supportive, evidence based literature and to enable me to evaluate the impact my professional behaviour as a student and future midwife. My learning need is to focus on the importance of professional behaviour when on placement and working with women, their families and members of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT). My main source of guidance is Enabling Professionalism in Nursing an Midwifery Practice (2017). “The competence or skill expected of a professional” (oxford dictionary 2017). This means irrespective of your position, the role you provide as part of …show more content…

It was brought to my attention from a previous mentor, that she believed I was not acting professional within my role azs a student midwife. Folloeing my fine grading, I acknowledged my faults and taking into consideration the feedback I was given, I agreed that It must be addressed an act upon accordingly in order to evelop my professional behaviour and skills. I have been able to use my present placement to its fullest advantage and ensure all the women in my care receive the level of care they expect and deserve. Evidence has proven that midwives play a vital role in improving health outcomes (NMC 2017). I strongly believe since reflecting on professionalism within the work place, I have come to recognise the importance of maintaining a professional role at all time is a significant matter, this too has been reiliterated to me by positive feedback from my current mentor. The NMC (2017) agrees that professionalism guarantees women in our care receive consistent provision of safe, effective and person centred outcomes, thus achieving optimal status of health an …show more content…

Midwives play an imperitive role when advising women on their care an it is exceptionally important to liase our information in a professional form. Guaranteeing the information is non-biased and informative allowing the women to have control on her decision making (NMC 2017). A quantitive research by Beglry (2010) agress that women who are in our care are to be considered as partners when deciding their plan of care. Within our role a professional relationship is central and women trust midwives deeply. I have found asking open-ended questions promotes and encoursges women to actively take part in the decision making. This type of proficiency enhances the trust within the relationship. This type of professional behaviour allows the women to ascertain I have an interest in her choice and the the care she receives (RCOG

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