Psy 220 Week 1 Nursing Reflection Journal

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Week five; the heart takes its first beat. Week sixteen; the lungs take their first breath. Week twenty-three; the first movement is felt. To have the privilege to be part of this life-changing journey and a woman’s story is what inspires me to become a midwife. Pregnancy and birth are natural processes in which I believe all women are designed for and therefore capable of. As a midwife, I want to be able to empower women with knowledge and support to give them the pregnancy and birth they desire and to make it a positive experience. Witnessing the change in women from prenatal to labour to antenatal care is what attracts me to midwifery as I can form bonds and memories with people from a variety of different backgrounds and help them through …show more content…

Spending time in a paediatrics office highlighted the challenges in treating children and the traits needed to overcome them. I found that an amiable and spirited demeanour was essential to put the child at ease in a daunting environment. In addition, strong communication with the parents was key for a precise diagnosis as they acted as the child’s voice. I also observed in an operating room which was an insightful experience. This allowed me to work with the elderly where I witnessed the patient’s journey from pre-operative through to post-operative care. I discovered the importance of empathy and understanding as the patients were very frightened and by listening to them, I found I was able to put their mind at ease and give them a more positive medical experience. I was able to speak to both the surgeon and anaesthetist and learnt the immense commitment involved however being able to improve lives was rewarding. I established that nurses play a soothing role for the patient in their whole journey and found their …show more content…

I have held roles of responsibility such as Head Girl and Prefect. These roles have made me approachable and empathetic. It has helped strengthen my problem solving as I was responsible for a range of tasks and has taught me to balance objectivity with amity when dealing with my peers as well as maturity when leading meetings and presentations. Leadership is a core strength as I have been part of the Leadership Academy where I organised various sporting events for children, promoting health and fitness. I then joined the leadership society at college where I organised and led academic workshops for children. This improved my time management as well as communication skills as I needed to teach children in a manner they understood. I also had to use my initiative when things didn’t go to plan such as absent leaders and weather conditions. Mentoring is a key skill as I have coached girls in a netball league, mentored peers in literacy and led a Zumba class at school. This demonstrates my ability to adapt to new challenges and commitment to helping others. I also took part in rat dissection club which allowed me to explore the intricacy of the

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