College Admissions Essay: Living Up To The American Dream

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My hands became clammy and my heart started racing. I did not want to believe the words coming out of my mother’s lips, “His kidney failed three weeks after the operation, he is dead”. I was just 5 years old and I felt like there was no purpose to live. My father was everything to me. I already missed his genuine kindness, the way his smile formed whenever he talked to me about life, and the times where we had father-son time at the airport, watching airplanes fly. Standing there looking into my mother’s eyes filled with intent and worries, I was speechless. At this instant, I was able to budge a smile and move myself, despite being frozen from the news, to embrace my now widowed mother. Despite this tragic event, my dad had a dream, a vision that his two sons would achieve the American Dream filled with infinite opportunities that can be obtained with a higher education. To this day, I continually strive to live up to the American Dream my dad envisioned for me.
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By the time in middle school, Mr. Bass became my mentor. Through his guidance, I develop a more appreciative perspective on the struggles that my mother went through to provide for me. He knew my passion was to help others, so he enlightened me about the concept of capacity building. At my age, I thought it was amazing to have people skills.
Together with Community Action for Teens, they showed me that there is more to life than academics through community service and leadership skills. As a leader, I gained confidence and increase my self-esteem. Additionally, Simon Scholars taught me that change can occur no matter what situation we grow up in. The barriers in my life do not define who I am. On top of that, I would not have to fear about filling into the shoes of an adult thanks to their resources. Their unyielding support have increased my resilience that I will carry with me. I realize that I will have a bright

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