Advanced Practice Nurse Reflection

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Reflecting on the past seven weeks I have acquired countless knowledge, which I will use to further strengthen my profession as an Advanced Practice Nurse. The course allowed me to think beyond my current practice knowledge and acquired innovative ways to evaluate the situation at hand. The learning objective in program outcome four helps set standards that I will use to guide my clinical practice to meet various healthcare needs. Using the case studies has helped to further enhance my knowledge on disease physiological state, using differential diagnosis, disease manifestations, and clinical presentation. It has also taught me the skills on how to differentiate between similar diagnoses to properly identify the problem and treat the patients. …show more content…

The guidelines set by the NP’s Core competencies involves educational programs for nurse practitioner and are referred to as essentials behaviors for all NPs (The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner, ([NONPF],2017). As a future NP, this course has echoed the importance to critically examine information given by finding evidence to support and manage care for the individual or the population, which I will apply to my practice. This, in turn, will offer better treatment plan and optimize better patient outcome. Using the differential diagnosis to pinpoint the best possible diagnosis for individuals has helped me to use critical thinking about my patient and to find the appropriate plan of care. Integrating humanities and sciences in nursing is important and allow individuals to enhance their knowledge and critical thinking skills in their nursing practice. The information I learn in this course has taught me that evidence-based research findings can be used to shape future practice settings going forward. As a change agent, I will change and implement new evidence-based care to my practice to deliver high-quality

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