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Hello 901231637, Your interview along with your thoughts on how your interview impacts you was very interesting to read. Hearing about your NP 's struggles during her education was an unfortunate, but common, experience. It is good to know that professionals we look up to have also experienced the same feelings we have as new nurses. Some of the barriers NPs face are "limited number of clinical sites and preceptors, concentration of educational programs in urban areas, and limited funding" (Fitzgerald 2012). I would like to know if these, or any other barriers, were a problem for your NP and what steps she took to overcome them. Being a new nurse can be overwhelming, and the guidance of an experienced NP could help minimize any concerns an RN would have about continuing their education. …show more content…

It is unfortunate that patients that could have access to treatment, are unable to do so in states such as Texas. "The Affordable Care Act promised [sic] to add 32 million Americans to the rolls of insured" (Fairman 2011). With such a huge influx of patients, the scarcity of primary care physicians is only worsened. It is frustrating that NPs are available but underutilized. References Cynthia Fitzgerald, Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon, Janet Katz, & Anne Hirsch. (2012). Advanced practice nursing education: Challenges and strategies. Nursing Research and Practice, 2012, 854918-8. doi:10.1155/2012/854918 Fairman, J. A., Rowe, J. W., Hassmiller, S., & Shalala, D. E. (2011). Broadening the scope of nursing practice. N Engl J Med, 364(3), 193-196.

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