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Introduction A. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), was created in 2010 under the President Obama administration. It is designed to reform the current healthcare system by offering more health insurance options at affordable rates. The reform aims to provide individuals with more health insurance options, alleviate out of pocket costs, and prevent gender discrimination. The basis of providing millions of Americans with quality health insurance options greatly benefits a majority of individuals. Although the ACA has some positive aspects, we believe the act should be repealed and redone to benefit business and consumers alike. I. The ACA has negative effects on states, hospitals …show more content…

The fine for not providing health-care coverage is $2,000 per full-time employees. 2. The fine increases to $3,000 per full time employees who receive cost assistance if only a handful of employees aren’t covered or if the coverage doesn’t meet the minimum values. 3. The fee is on a monthly basis, approximately 1/12th of the annual business expenses. These types of costs can be detrimental for a small business. B. The higher costs will hurt small businesses in a variety of ways. They will have to resort to other means of raising money to pay the expenses which will be caused by Obamacare. The easiest and quickest solution will be to reduce employee hours. Some companies may decide to stop providing healthcare completely. 1. Businesses are forced to pay even more for their health plans. a. Employers are reducing workers’ hours to avoid paying their insurance plans or pay the Act’s fine. b. 30 hour-work weeks would cause the penalty. c. Limiting an employee’s hours ill lead to lower salaries. d. Less hours and lower salaries hurt employee attitudes, resulting in lower productivity. 2. Businesses may tempted to stop providing healthcare options completely. 3. These outcomes would not fulfill President Barrack Obama’s promise that the Affordable Health care would save small businesses …show more content…

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t create a competitive insurance market – as promised. A. The new health was created to bridge the gap between patients and providers. However, 20% (1 in 5) of Americans live in areas with shortages of primary care physicians. Customers are facing the unfortunate reality of calling multiple providers in their networks and being informed that physicians are not taking new patients. 1. With little to no success, states try to mandate insurance companies to increase the number of doctors and hospitals in

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