Affordable Care Act: Case Study

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1. Consider key elements of ACA provided on p. 11 in the textbook. Pick any two and discuss. Whether a particular element of ACA has been already successfully implemented? What are the pros and cons of this element? (4-6 sentences) The Affordable Care Act executed some key elements successfully. The focus was to provide millions a choice to affordable quality care at a fraction of the cost. The expanded insurance regulations; focus on the removal of pre-existing conditions, expanded children coverage until the age of 26, and no lifetime cap. This key element restricted health insurance companies in increasing premiums and an opportunity to renewal. The cons with this element is the increase of health insurance premiums across the board. Healthy people are paying the same premiums of someone …show more content…

Uninsured American’s can shop for free or low cost healthcare coverage. Unfortunately, most the working class are covered by their employer with high deductibles and expensive premiums. The shared-cost creates problems for Americans due to disparities in economic and social class. 5. Briefly explain why according to this article average Americans cannot afford health care. (1-2 sentences) Is due to disparities in high healthcare cost, uneven distribution of resources, inequality of wealth and income. 6. A primary goal of the ACA was to improve access to health care. But affordability remains the problem. Why? Base your answer on the information from the article. The ACA has successfully accomplished their goal by making healthcare accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, the cost remains high and most Americans are unable to afford insurance. This rationality is due to healthy American’s unable to qualify for premium tax credit and an increase in their premiums. Also, the cost-sharing standard silver plan reasonable deductibles, complicated APTC with inaccurate income projection, minimal employer coverage and individuals mandates with

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