Nr 602: Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies

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The last past eight weeks have provided an opportunity to achieve several program outcomes that will prepare me as my role of nurse practitioner. This course NR 602 has provided me with an opportunity to meet the MSN program outcome #6, the MSN Essential VII, and the Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 8. These program outcomes will institute a base upon which care can be delivered with quality. Program outcome # 6 examined ways to apply legal, ethical and human caring principles to situations in advanced practice nursing. There were several case studies that afforded a chance to implement this outcome. For example, a case study addressed a teenager that presented in the office with abdominal pain. Her mother stayed in the room during the examination and answered questions for the teenager. The mother wanted the patient to be placed on birth control. It is important for all nurse practitioners to …show more content…

It examines and evaluates the decision making process integrating ethical principals. Advance practice nurses must be aware there are ethical consequences for decisions that are made. This core competency addresses the need for ethically sound solutions to be applied to complex issues. During this course ethical principles of decision making was addressed in the case studies. For example, a patient became pregnant and contracted a sexually transmitted infection from her estranged spouse. The ethical issues involved the need for both parties to be treated, separation from spouse, lack of health insurance and lack of space in home. The patient had several different complex issues that need to be addressed. Another example consisted of the mother who wanted to place her daughter on birth control. This situation can create a complex ethical issue. It provided an opportunity to use critical thinking pertaining to an obligation to the patient or fulfilling the desires of the

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