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FOREIGN STUDY Education, Roles and Responsibilities of Nurse Practitioners in Quebec, Canada: A Qualitative Study Claire Chapados Department of Nursing, University of Montreal, Canada INTRODUCTION Nurse Practitioners is a nurse holding a specialist certificate that provides advanced nursing care and performs medical activities authorized by a regulation of the CMQ to manage acute and chronic health problems in a particular area of specialization (neonatology, cardiology, nephrology, primary care). Nurse Practitioners must possess expertise in this clinical area acquired principally through a graduate (master’s-level) education program in nursing. The core role of the nurse practitioner was identified as having three components: dynamic…show more content…
ANALYSIS Nurse Practitioners are required to consult with a physician if they encounter patient care needs that are beyond their scope of practice. Nurse Practitioners may also perform other acts that are delegated to them (e.g. performing certain procedures). When delegation occurs, the physician is responsible for the decision to delegate; the nurse is responsible for the performance of the procedure. In addition to ensuring that they are qualified and competent to perform any delegated procedure, Nurse Practitioners are responsible for assessing the availability of any health care procedure or resource that may be required subsequent to, or associated with, implementing a medical directive or delegated…show more content…
I will be able to criticize the appropriate used of statistical tool and research instruments. Knowledge in biostatistics gave me courage to analyze a research study. I was able to appreciate the different level of measurement and its corresponding test for comparison and analysis of data. I was able to determine if the research design is appropriate in measuring the research problem. Conclusions and implications were formulated with the knowledge that subjects for this study used. This paper provides a description of the education program for nurse practitioners in the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Nursing, widely considered a leader in the discipline. It further reports the results of a study examining the roles and responsibilities of Nurse Practitioners and of the factors that, despite the impediments to progress the practice faces, motivate them to pursue development of their abilities in carrying out their duties and making “a difference.” Nurse Practitioners are proud of being a source of reference for their colleagues and believe strongly professional collaboration while acknowledging and respecting their limitations, by refusing to assume any responsibilities not delegated to nurse practitioners. The conclusions were based on the findings and logically stated. There was a very in-depth research project, particularly for a journal article. It was well written and well

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