Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement

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After 10 years working as a registered nurse in many aspects of healthcare, felt an overwhelming desire to advance my career and myself to expand my role in caring for others. Becoming a nurse practitioner has always been a goal of mine. During my time working as a nursing manager, I became acutely aware of the need of skilled and talented providers that desire to provide passionate care to all individuals. I became especially concerned with the needs those with limited access to healthcare services. I knew my desire to care for individuals in a more autonomous role and I set out to develop the skills needed to meet the need I witnessed. In order to develop my skills, I would need to find a program that would challenge me professionally and guide me to the knowledge to become an advanced practice nurse. In the summer of 2013, I reached out to the FNP coordinator at UTC to seek her guidance and to determine if perusing a career as a FNP would be possible. She suggested I take a course and see if this was truly what I wanted to do. In August 2013 I began my first course, advanced …show more content…

Developing this independence and confidence in this new role will continue to be a challenge for me as a new nurse practitioner. Transitioning into a provider role with increased autonomy will stretch my comfort zone and pose a new set of challenges. It is my goal to practice in an environment that is highly collaborative with strong relationships with other providers. I believe this environment will further build my abilities and challenge me to continue to grow professionally. This collaborative environment also fosters a culture among providers of continual improvement and leads to improved patient safety and optimal clinical outcomes. All of which are the preeminent goals of my practice as a

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