Nursing Practicum Personal Statement

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During my nursing senior practicum, I have experienced significant growth and achieved several accomplishments that have shaped me into a more competent and confident nursing professional. One of my primary objectives during the practicum was to enhance my clinical skills. Through hands-on experience and under the guidance of skilled preceptors, I have developed proficiency in performing various nursing procedures, such as administering medications, wound care, and patient assessments. I am now more comfortable and competent in providing direct patient care. Throughout the practicum, I have been exposed to a diverse range of clinical scenarios, which have allowed me to expand my knowledge in various nursing specialties. As I have gained more experience and knowledge, my confidence in my nursing abilities has grown significantly. …show more content…

Communication is crucial in nursing, and during my practicum, I honed my ability to communicate with patients, families, and the healthcare team, and have improved on giving the shift report to other nurses. Regarding my self-care, I love going camping with my family during my days off and making sure I have a good rest and maintain proper sleep hygiene.
Throughout the Practicum, I have found my strengths and areas where I still need to develop. I am good at organization, time management. As areas for further development, I aim to enhance my critical thinking abilities and integrate more lab values into patient care.
Overall, my senior practicum was a transformative experience that provided me with valuable opportunities for growth, learning and personal development. I am proud of what I have achieved and look forward to building on these foundations as I begin my nursing career.
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