Nursing Course Reflection

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Evolution from Novice to a Beginning Professional Nurse Looking back when I started my nursing school, I can proudly say that I have evolved both physically and psychologically. I was not sure if nursing was the right choice for me at first because I had difficulties interacting with people outside my family circle. The first semester was challenging for me because I did not know how to interact with my class mates and felt isolated each time there is a class activity. I joined a study group later that semester and it has been an excitement ever since. Today, I am glad I choose nursing because I have overcome my social fears, learn to be a team player, learn how to prioritize and most importantly learned to manage stress. Lastly, I grew as a nurse with each semester because I learned how to respect and treat each patient as a unique individual. I have also learned to put my patient safety as my priority and provide presence because I realized through my clinical experience that, sometimes that all the patients need. Below is the breakdown of how I have developed each semester in nursing school. FALL 2013 • Foundations of Nursing: NUR 2310 In this course, I learned the different nursing theories and how it has been …show more content…

I begin to think about how my patient is living, what kind of housing are they living in, can they afford their co pay or medication if they do not have insurance’s. I learned that, community health nursing look at the population not individual patients. I learned the various resources available in the community and how to refer my patient who is in need to these resources. I learned that care in the community must be available, accessible, and acceptable in order for care to reach the population. Most importantly, I learned not to be judgmental especially to my disadvantage patient that might be homeless or

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