Advancing To A Practice Nurse In The Journey By Melissa J. Wells

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An interesting topic to research is Advancing to a Practice Nurse from having an associate's degree for RNs. One article about this topic is “The Journey” by Melissa J. Wells. The author processes the degrees BSN, RN, and CPAN. Throughout this article, the author explains her journey from being a registered nurse to seeing more opportunities as she decided to go back to school. She pursued her dream career so quickly, and once it was completed she limited her life to sticking with her career as a registered nurse for 20 years! She wasn’t aware of her potential until one day that changed! Overall, this is an exceptional article due to the struggles Melissa had to face to complete her success. If a single mother of two can do it, so can you! …show more content…

The intended audience is aspiring nurses who want to go further than being an RN. The author explains her journey starting as a registered nurse and ending with pursuing a Ph.D. or doctorate in nursing. This article is to inspire students to keep going in accomplishing their goals. The author explains that getting started was the hardest part. But she did not stop there. She encourages students to keep going. The certifications were taken during the 1980s. However, it should not change the audience’s mindset. The author provided an online study you purchase and complete. It was also last dated in 2014. The author intended to inform the audience about her journey from starting as a registered nurse. She then proceeded to go back to school 20 years later. The author intended to educate everyone that it is never too late to grow in your career. The author intends to persuade the audience to not limit themselves to just one degree. Keep advancing your degree and you will seek more opportunities. The author agrees that education is empowerment. The author’s attitude is positive, motivating, optimistic, determined, and proud. A quote from the author, Melissa,” Education is empowerment. It has made me a better bedside nurse and leader.”(Wells …show more content…

Paragraph 5 page 13 as struggle.Paragraph 6 page 13 as determination.Paragraph 8 page 13 as helplessness. The author's thesis is How does that old quote go? “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Wells 12) The author uses quotes. She used one. This article does not contain any charts or graphs. Nor does it have data or statistics. The author uses her experience and the names of the universities she attended as her information. The sources were from a database called MEDLINE. The source is legitimate. I trust the author's words. She seemed to be relatable and upon research, she showed

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