Registered Nurse: Life Saver

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Registered Nurse: Life Saver A patient’s blood pressure starts to drop significantly, sending everyone in the hospital room into a panic. The room is flooded with people in scrubs, and the family is asked to leave the room. They wait for what seems like an eternity until they see the door open. The man and two women are told that their loved one died twice and was brought back to life each time. While hysterically crying tears of joy, they run in the room and thank the relieved registered nurse who just saved their father’s life. Without a doubt, registered nurses have one of the most important and frightening careers. According to Shelly Field, in order to become a registered nurse, one must first attain at least a Bachelor of Science…show more content…
Nurses do not just have one job that they do all day. Their job has many different duties that they are required to do throughout their work shift. They do anything from teaching patients and their families how to manage illnesses to operating and monitoring medical equipment (“Registered Nurses”). C.J. Henderson and Jack Dolphin note that the majority of nurses work in hospitals, providing bedside nursing and carrying out hospital regimens. They are usually assigned to one area such as surgery, maternity, pediatrics, emergency room, intensive care unit, etc. (Henderson and…show more content…
A travel nurse is hired to work in a specific location for a limited amount of time (“What is a Travel Nurse?”). The nurse will go to a certain place and live there for however long their assignment is. They can go around the country depending on where they are needed (“What is a Travel Nurse?”). One of the advantages is having the ability to vacation where you work and the cost of travel and living arrangements are included in the job (“What is a Travel Nurse?”). In order to be a travel nurse, one must first have to go to nursing school and earn a degree (“What is a Travel Nurse?”). Other requirements include having to have a current Tuberculosis test, physical, and specific immunizations prior to starting first assignment (“What is a Travel Nurse?”). This comes with many benefits. Some of the benefits of being a traveling nurse is housing, competitive salary, insurance, and retirement plans (“What is a Travel
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