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1. What do you do on a typical day at work? On a typical day, I see children from newborn to 21 years old, for well child care exams, sick visits, behavior consults, and general concerns. I also talk with parents on the phone answering questions and concerns. My patients have things as routine as check-ups and immunizations, to my diagnosing life-changing diseases. I teach preventative care, and emphasize healthy behaviors, and changing bad habits into good ones. 2. What training and/or education is required to be a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner? A Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Then, a Master’s degree in nursing. This includes academics and Clinical rotations 3. What led you to a career with children? I had a wonderful professor …show more content…

What is your favorite thing about working at Bass Wolfson Pediatrics? My relationships with that patients, families, and staff that surround me every day. 7. How has being a CRNP changed since you started working? If so, in what way? Definitely. Technology has changed tremendously. I can search online for things, and so can my patients and families. My charting is all done on a computer now. The financial aspect has changed also. Reimbursement for patients is closely looked at. Medicine and pediatrics are a business, and businesses need to make sure that they do not lose money. 8. What educational background do you have for your career? I have a Bachelor in Nursing, Master of Science (neonatal nurse practitioner), Master of Science #2 (Pediatric nurse practitioner). I also am a lactation consultant, and did coursework online to take my international lactation exam. 9. What volunteer work do you recommend for someone wanting to become a CRNP? Something working with people. Being comfortable talking with people. If you want to work as a geriatric NP, volunteer at a nursing home. If you want to work with children, volunteer somewhere there will be children; festivals, church nursery, Children’s hospital. Take a class in sign …show more content…

I have been given the gift of knowing that I have been the one to change some people’s lives, by the care that I have given. No, it is not always an easy job, and there are nights that I lay awake thinking about my patients, but it is also what makes me good at what I do. 12. Do you suggest becoming a CRNP or becoming a pediatrician? I think that is a difficult decision to make. I love what I do. I, also, do not have loans to pay off from medical school. My two Master’s degrees were partially funded through reimbursement benefit from working at the hospital while I went to school. I know doctors that will be working their whole lives to pay off their medical school loans. But, my salary is about half of what a pediatrician would make. There are pluses and minuses to each path. Also, I am good at what I do, because I have a nursing education. I am a nurse first, and then a pediatric nurse practitioner. 13. What are the biggest challenges you face in your job? Some days being overscheduled, or not feeling like I was given enough time to see a complex patient. I will make the time, but I hate being behind or keeping my next patient’s

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