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In the world of college, there are many majors or professions to choose from. Whatever career I choose to take, I know that there are many doors open for me to walk through. Planning for life after high school, I am considering going into the medical field to become a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse (NICU). A NICU Nurse is a nurse who cares for premature and critically ill newborns that are born in need of immediate medical attention. Newborn infants who are born with severe medical conditions and disorders are placed in the NICU to be cared for. The NICU Nurse has to be at the baby’s bed side twenty-four/seven administering medicine, drawing blood, performing tests, and starting IV lines. They are responsible for running all sorts of tests …show more content…

An infant getting discharged from the hospital because they are well enough to go home will be the best moment of my career. Knowing that in some way, shape, or form I played a part in them leaving the hospital, will leave me happy and in tears. Just by the infant leaving the hospital, I know that all the hard work that I put into becoming a NICU Nurse has paid off. It will also show me that I know what I am doing when it comes to critically ill newborns. Five to ten years down the line when I bump into the infants and their families outside of the hospital, I want to recognize the impact I had on their life. If I would have not helped them, their future would have been filled with obnoxious machines, hundreds of medications, and frequent hospital visits. Instead, they have bright futures filled with goals, dreams, and ambitions. If I would have not been a support system for the families, they would have had a future filled with sadness, despair, and every day waiting room visits. Instead, they have futures filled with happiness, joy, and love. The infant’s future, along with their families, was literally resting in my hands. Being able to say that I was the one that helped get the positive outcome, will forever be important to

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