Essay On Being A Critical Care Nurse

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What do I know about being a critical care nurse? I know that being a Critical Care Nurse is a social job and it involves helping or providing service to others. This job provides advanced nursing care for patients in critical care units, commonly known as the ICU. There are many different activities that happen while being a critical care nurse, for example checking a patient's pain level, monitoring a patient for changes on their current status, and being an advocate for the patient's family. I also know that being a Critical Care Nurse can be a very emotional job with some of the patients that come in. Critical Care is usually the top of the chain medical cases, from kids getting abused to patients after having surgery. Why am I writing this paper? Not only did I have to write this paper for an assignment but I am also writing it for my own good. I picked a job that has always interested me, ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be some type of nurse. But once I read about being a Critical Care Nurse it really upped my level of interest and caught my attention. When I was 13 years old I …show more content…

Being a critical care nurse comes along with a lot of different responsibilities and many different things happen during a day on the job. What a day on the job looks like for a critical care nurse would be, checking on the patient's pain levels every hour, monitoring patients for changes in their status, evaluating their vital signs, and being an advocate for the patient and his or hers family. Some critical care nurses work up to twenty hours a day and others just work the day shift or just work a night

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