Core Competencies And Philosophy Of Barry University

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Nursing is an age old profession of compassion, encouragement, and support to the injured. With the development of learned abilities nurses are able to heal by easing suffering, treatment, and encouragement of the care of people, families, communities, and populations. Professional nursing roles entail practices based on evidence that are defensive, recuperative, and promotive when focusing on a holistic manner. Developing professional roles of nurses are highly recognized and nurtured. A nurse plays an essential role in the healthcare system. This paper is an explanatory essay on the mission, core competencies and philosophy of Nursing from the perspective of Barry University. The mission of the Barry university can be portrayed as “In the true tradition of Catholic intellectual, at Barry university education means incorporation of study, expression and action enlighten the academic life. Barry University endeavors to foster individual and communal transformation where knowledge and truth are led by learning, informed action is the result of reflection, and the reason for collaborative …show more content…

This philosophy integrates high quality education of active learning and technology with faculty member committed to enlighten the education of students to form competent, and holistic nurses. The faculty firmly considers all humans as exclusive beings who have inherent value gifted to them by their Creator (, 2015). They assert that humans display unity of mind-body-spirit which in turn promotes ingenuity, concurrence, and health. The quintessence of human unity is the spiritual experience, culture, environment, and altering life circumstances of individuals. The nurses must respect multiple realities, diversity, and personal choices of everyone as Barry University bestows high value on the familial, communal and societal life of all human beings. (Spalding & Miles,

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