Nursing Personal Statement

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Philosophy of Care and Professional Organizations Personal Statement Grand Canyon University: NUR 440 Heather Reed February 5, 2016 Philosophy of Care and Professional Organizations Personal Statement Personal Statement I chose nursing as my occupation because I believe that it is my calling to help others and to care for those in need. In order to conclude if there is a fit between the healthcare field and myself, I must first ensure that there is a fit between my personal values and the organizations. My values include an environment with patient-centered-care, kindness, honesty, leadership, education, evidence-based practice, and quality nursing practice. It is my philosophy that nurses are given the responsibility to deliver safe and universal care that is centered on the needs of the patient. Patients shouldn’t be viewed as just another ailment or medical diagnosis, but instead as real living, breathing people who need our help and deserve our attention and care. Nurses should be advocates for their patient and encourage them to contribute to their own individual care plan. I also find great importance in keeping a patients confidentiality and unless there is a duty to report. As a nurse the core values should be to focus on the patients needs above your own in order to promote patient health, safety and empowerment. Nursing Organizations that Support my Personal Philosophy/ Political Positions and Stance Two nursing organizations that

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