Family Nurse Personal Statement

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This is a personal statement for my application to the Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration in the Ball State School of Nursing. My personal statement provides details on my personal background and the unique impact that Family Nurse Practitioners have had on my life. I describe my undergraduate studies and how I firsthand gained interest as well as insight on the skills of a Family Nurse Practitioner. I go into detail about my aspiration to be a Family Nurse Practitioner to directly affect the patient care of a variety of patient populations. The personal statement connects qualities of my current practice as a Registered Nurse to the proficiencies of a Family Nurse Practitioner. I describe my learning habits and how the plan of study that Ball State offers coincides with my current work life. I conclude by describing the skills I attain and connect those skills to the Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration at Ball State. Master of Science in Nursing Statement The healthcare system, specifically nursing, has always had a major influence in my life. I come from a family of nurses and have seen healthcare from an inside point of view as a …show more content…

I am in my third year of nursing and I am currently working in a hospital on an Orthopedic Neurological Trauma Unit. I collaborate with patients to identify the prominent health issues they are experiencing and advocate to ensure the care they receive is the most effective for their healing process. Patient interaction, learning new skills and evidence based practice, and being hands on with patient care are the benefits of my job that I enjoy the most. I form a bond with these patients and listen to their personal story to ensure that I give care individualized for each patient. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I can connect with patients of various age ranges and diagnoses by applying these

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