Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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There are many jobs and fields in the healthcare career. Some people may want to be a Oncologist, Gynecologist, Neurosurgeon, Registered Nurse, or a Certified Nursing Assistant. Every person has a different passion and reason they want to be what they want to be. While some people may want to work as a doctor in trauma, I want to become a nurse practitioner and work in some type of pediatric field. Yet, becoming a nurse practitioner is not that simple. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. A nurse practitioner is a nurse who is qualified to treat certain medical conditions without having complete supervision from a doctor. In the state of Georgia, nurse practitioners are also able to prescribe their patients prescriptions without having to go through the doctor. To become a nurse practitioner you must have many educational requirements. You must first have either a high school diploma or your GED. You then must go to college and get your Master’s degree in nursing. Yet, you must also obtain and become a nationally registered nurse as well as a certified nurse practitioners.You can get this degree from many different colleges. Though, I would mostly want to get my degree from Clemson University. Clemson University has a very nice nursing program and it also has the atmosphere that I would want in a college setting. Clemson is …show more content…

The average salary for a nurse practitioner is $90,583. This salary is very nice considering that a nurse practitioner is very similar to a doctor, but does not have the insurance like a doctor. The mean hourly wage for a nurse practitioner is $47 an hour. Nurse practitioners are very much needed throughout the United States. There are 122,050 employed with an employment rise of 1.1%. Job requirements are that they must have their CPR certification. They must also renew their registered nursing certification and their nurse practitioners

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