Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Kyla Frazier
Mrs. Schrack
11 LA, Period 2
20 January 2023
Growing into a Nurse Practitioner. Nursing has many different subcategories and knowing them makes it so much easier to choose which one you’d want to carry out as a career. With the many forms of nursing, they all have one objective. Saving lives. But, Being a nurse comes with much more than just saving lives. Becoming a nurse practitioner has many different benefits but there are also disadvantages.
Some of the known benefits of being a nurse practitioner is the great salary and that there aren’t very many people who go into this type of nursing. In the article, “Nurse Practitioner Salary in Georgia - 2023.,” charts are provided …show more content…

Anyones mental health who works in the healthcare system needs to be greatly paid attention to considering how it could affect their work ethic. In the article, “Nurses, Here's How to Cope with Your Long Hours.” CMS-Next POC ,www /career-advice/article/nurses-how-to-cope-long-hours-0716,” It is told how nurses can find a way to deal with the long hours they have to work. Having ways to cope with the long hours of work could give nurses a way to make it through and to minimize the possibility of nurses not being able to fully carry out their jobs. Secondly, one of the main ways a nurse could get affected in the workplace is patient death. In the text, “I’m A Nurse And I Grieve - How To Cope With Patient Death.”,,” It states how great the death of a patient affects a nurse even when they leave their workplace. Grief is widely known to take long amounts of time to pass over and for people to heal from. In places like hospitals, nurses, doctors, and even surgeons can build bonds with patients that come through there. Losing someone can feel just like losing a family member or close friend. This is why nursing is such a big emotional job because even though you may have known a patient when you come to work, you build a relationship with

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