Registered Nurse Career

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Registered Nurse
Kendra Stine
English 11 III
Miss Mittelman
Mifflin County High School

The career I am writing about is a registered nurse. A registered nurse can do many different things in their career field. I chose the career of being a registered nurse because I want to be like my mom. She is my best friend, and she is a great Certified Nurses Aid (CNA). Also I chose this career because I enjoy being around other people and I feel like it is a great career path. This career path is a great choice because the more someone shows to the people that they care the more someone will get in return. People will see someone as a great person. Being a RN is a great career for someone who shows up to work and wants to work with
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In the future, there will need to be more people in this career because nurses are needed all the time there is never enough nurses in one hospital let alone all the hospitals in different parts of the world. Changes in the job requirements can make the job change in many ways. If the job requirements change by checking test scores throughout a high school career. After college the next checkpoint to accomplish is whether the emergency department is the place to work. If the emergency department is the choice that a nurse wants to proceed in as their career then they are ready to go into the workforce. Employment locally would be Geisinger Lewistown Hospital and Mount Nittany Medical Center would be employment…show more content…
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