Informative Essay On Becoming A Nurse

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For the majority of people, pursuing a career in the medical field is a career which should be avoided at all costs. Whether this profession is a surgeon, a nurse, or a psychiatrist, the long hours of study and work (which are necessary for these occupations), are not in most people’s definition of a “fun job.” In addition, after the long years of study come to an end, the most feared moments arise, the time to pay student loans. Nevertheless, none of these obstacles intimidated Juan Delgado in order to pursue his dream as a healthcare professional, more importantly, to help our community. Delgado, the oldest of two, was born on December 3rd,1991. He was born in Modesto, California, and stayed there for approximately one year. After that, his …show more content…

In his weekends he would always spend his time volunteering in different places like daycares, nursing homes, or volunteer work through his clubs. His senior year he spent it working in a biology lab working with Beta Cells. Once he graduated he had a 3.4 GPA. After that, he applied to a nursing program in order to become a registered nurse. In order to have a better chance of being accepted into the program, he retook several classes which were prerequisites for nursing school that summer. He was eventually accepted to the fast track program and graduated with his nursing degree in 2016. Once he graduated he was offered a job working in Providence Memorial Hospital on February 2017 and specializes in pediatric oncology. According to Juan one of the differences from El Paso to other places include that sometimes El Paso does not always have the most advanced technology. Another thing that is different from other cities is that El Paso does not often times suffer from natural catastrophes. His regular schedule includes 12-14 hour shifts 3 to 4 times a Day. He plans to become a Nurse practitioner and improve his job

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