Nurse Interview Essay

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It took me a while to find nurses that wanted to participate in my interview. I was able to interview 2 nurses at a medical center because this week at my private practice, with the help of an Ecuadorian Audiologist who has ABR/ASSR system, we had a Microtia week from all over Bolivia and one of the mother’s was a nurse assistant, she made the contact with her boss and I was able to interview both, yesterday. (NP: nurse practitioner and NA: auxiliary nurse- MARIA) 1) What motivated you to become a nurse? NP: My sister inspired me, she is a great nurse and we both love to help. NA: I was a very insecure person in emergencies and I decided to take care of my fear to help and react appropriately in an emergency situation. I feel fulfilled when I am able to help or save someone. I want to further my studies for that reason. I am more confident now. 2) How many years did you study, where and did you have training during your studies? NP: I studies at “UDABOL University” for 5 years and we started observing practices at the 2nd year and only had hand on experience the last year. NA: I studies at “Technical Institute San Ignacio” for 3 years and from the first year we practice under the supervision of an NP in different hospitals. 3) …show more content…

We are in charge of patients and many other duties within this Medical Service and we are not either well treated or payed. We need to speak out so we can get the respect nurses have in other countries. We need respect and equal treatment by everyone. Yes, I want to learn more about audiology now that I got to know you as a patient an as a service provider for my child. I think what you do is hard, and being the only audiologist trying to get your voice heard must be as hard as what we are suffering now in the system. Thank you for wanting to interview me and for all your

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