My Sense Of Purpose In Nursing Case Study

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My Sense of Purpose at Work Dela Gana, Karol Raneses June 24, 2015 Summary— my nursing career allows me to obtain essential qualities to what I believe is needed to be a successful nurse. I established important goals to remain on this path for success. It made me the person I am today. It is hard to just pick one memorable moment because it is the big and small daily happenings that make nursing such a rewarding profession. It is priceless profession. I. WHO AM I? Work is vital to one’s life. It is something that we can call our very own. It is the mark of ones success of how far we go. Yet, of course very few of us are lucky enough to find a truly and fulfilling job. In order for me to work smoothly, I must identify and seek what…show more content…
Nurses are the liaison between the doctors and the patients. We should acknowledge an honor the patients as a person regardless of his status in life, and not ignore them, paying attention to every details pertaining to their health. • Lifelong learning – I strongly believe that the education doesn’t end after graduation but continues even when you are in the nursing profession and working. Part of being a nurse is the application of knowledge and skills and the continuation of learning. My goal is to make it a point to stay current and updated on education by taking courses, attending seminars, trainings, obtaining certifications, as well as joining meaningful nursing organizations. By completing this goal, I am advancing my career and expanding my effectiveness as a prosperous nurse. • Specialization – of course all of this have one area that we wanted to specialize. For me it is necessary for creating a professional growth and continuous learning. • – state here your reason V. COMPARING MY MOTIVATIONS AND LONG-TERM PURPOSE AT WORK WITH THE SEVEN LEVELS OF MOTIVATIONS Using the following levels of motivations, I hereby compare my job motivations and my long term purpose at…show more content…
I can conclude that mine is interrelated with those things. Of course all of us need the level 1 for us to survive. It is the basic need of every human being. No man is an island, and I need others to keep me motivated. They serves us my backbone for me to stand on my own. Those achievements and recognition by others keep me satisfied as a person and to advance myself into a more complex nature. And by doing all those things that makes me a better person is a motivator for me to one by one know my purpose. And to provide a remarkable impact to the life of others that I have fully touched. With the worked I have, it is not more about the money but the passion I have in me to serve people and give the best care that I can offer. For me that is the meaning of life. VI. THINGS I NEED TO DO TO GET CLOSER TO MY OVER-ARCHING PURPOSE AT WORK Every individual has unique talents, abilities, behaviors that set us apart from each other. And it is up to us how we can able to achieve those dreams. These goals are our motivation why we keep on doing our best. To be able to reach my purpose, I need these things to keep me on the right

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