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Personal Statement for Nursing School “When a person decides to become a Nurse. They make the most important decision of their lives. They choose to dedicate themselves to the care of others” Growing up in Nigeria; I had my first introduction to the field of medicine at the age of 6. At the time, my grand father was a holistic doctor at my local community. Whenever my grandfather went to work, he would take me with him and I remembered being very fascinated by how people would come in to get treatments for different kinds of diseases. Sometimes, we would have people come to our home for treatments as well. Our home had become a place of healing for the broken, both literally and metaphorically. Our home had being set apart from many others. I learnt the importance of love, care, and support. My first opportunity personally interacting with patients was after I became a certified nursing assistant (CNA); I took a job at a Skilled Nursing Home called York land Park. The first day I stepped onto the floor, I felt overwhelmed and I questioned myself if I was meant for this line of work. I was assigned 14 patients. Soon after interacting with all my patients, my perspective and doubts changed. After leaving for college; I started my college days as a full time pre-nursing student. I continued to work as a CNA and …show more content…

I have decided to pursue nursing and apply for the second degree accelerated nursing program; I consider myself a highly motivated individual with a value of strong work ethic. I can certainly distinguish myself as a person with numerous interests, a range of skills and goals. My Goals are to become a highly skilled nurse, work for the united state military and help save lives. Just like my father, I would love to provide a great humanitarian service, not for the pay or the glory or the recognition but to save lives, give hope, provide care, love and touch

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