Examples Of Strengths In Nursing

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Introduction: As a first year student I have very specific goals in mind that I hope to achieve through my work in college. My main hopes for the future are that I pass all of my exams in the coming years, graduate and receive my honours degree in general nursing, become a registered nurse and finally get a job as a nurse. Throughout this essay, I have detailed my strengths and the opportunities that will help me finalise these goals along with my weaknesses and the threats that will hinder my progress. Strengths: Caring: Caring is one of the most important words used to describe a nurse. Larson (1984) defines caring as the core, essence and distinguishing attribute of nursing. I believe that I possess the strength to care for others and behave in a caring manner. In the past I have shown my strength in this area of nursing care when looking after family members that have fallen victim to sickness. Whenever someone tells me that they are not feeling well, I immediately jump into action and try my best to make sure that they feel “cared for” .The feeling of pride and satisfaction I experience after caring for a person that is unwell is what originally made me choose nursing as a career. Caring is a basic attribute of human growth and development (Griffin 1983). This is why, as a nursing student I know it is such an important strength to be utilised when helping a patient to feel better. Good listener: The ability to listen when others are talking is another strength that I
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