Nursing Core Competency: Nurse Of The Future

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As an integral part of the healthcare team, nursing has evolved tremendously. In Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies a picture was painted of what the future of nursing looks like. From my own opinion I do feel that a reform or evolution in nursing education is required to create competent nurses of the future. Current nursing school programs are academic heavy with an emphasis on skills. While growing competency in clinical skills is necessary, there is much more to the future of nursing than being highly skilled. It is time to distinguish not just skills, but characteristics of a successful nurse of the future. This is a nurse who will be well rounded with the tools and resources to help guide healthcare and the patient experience …show more content…

Medicare reimbursement is partially based on a facility’s Star Rating. A critical component to this is patient surveys and HCAHPS. I have seen a push toward the customer service experience. Indeed, I feel strongly that every healthcare worker including nurses should treat each of their patients with respect, equality and do the absolute best to meet their needs. However, I feel that the extreme degree to which this competency is being held, i.e. having to remake a patient’s coffee three times because it wasn’t the proper milk-sugar ratio certainly takes away from the more important aspects of life saving. I always greet my patients with a smile; I always treat them like I would treat my family member, and I always ask “Is there anything else I can do for you?” before I leave the room. And this is not too much to ask, it is simply treating humans with integrity. But the “have it your way” hospital experience expectancies sometimes make our jobs harder than they already are. That’s just my personal opinion. Living and working in the digital age brings me to my second choice of Informatics and Technology. The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (2010) explains the importance and “necessity for all health professionals to seek lifelong, continuous learning of information technology skills” (p. 22). Electronic Medical record systems are the future. Soon there will be no paper. All members of the healthcare team will communicate through EMR, thus it is crucial that we are all competent digital communicators. This competency will lead to less errors, more precise orders and thorough

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