Fitting Into The IOM Future Of Nursing Profession

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IOM future of nursing recommendations focus on advanced nursing practice, education and other areas of nursing profession. I see myself fitting into the IOM future of nursing recommendations to increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020. It is the fact that, I am aware of IOM future recommendation and I will be completing my baccalaureate degree before 2020. I believe that it is very important to have baccalaureate degree nurses to provide care to the patients so that mortality rates, medications errors can be minimized and positive outcomes can be achieved (American Association of College of Nursing, 2015). I am very much excited to complete my bachelor’s in science in nursing degree, and proud to be a BSN, which is providing me a advanced education, skills and qualities to be a better nurse. In addition, I always encourage my friends and co-workers to obtain higher education so that quality of nursing profession can be optimized.

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In fact, nurses are the largest part of health care workforce and nursing practice is very crucial to address the clinical issues, leadership and management, policy making, public health care and others. Doctorate level nurses have great role in identifying and implementing the new knowledge, skills and evidenced based research to solve those issues in the area of nursing practice (The future of nursing leading change, advancing health, 2010).I personally believe that new skills, knowledge, evidenced based practice and scientific research should be promoted in nursing field so that quality of nursing practice, patient satisfaction and health status of public can be improved. In addition, focusing on the need of nursing practice and IOM future recommendation, I have planned to continue my education to advanced level in

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