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Beth Israel School of Nursing Admissions Department: I am overjoyed that I finally have come to this point in my life where I am ready to take this next step in my career. I have decided to apply for the nursing program at Beth Israel because of the size of the school and the convenience of having it close to my house. I come from a small town in North Carolina and feeling a personal connection with the teachers and classmates is very important to me. In other universities, I would feel lost trying to figure out who to talk to about my concerns. I would love to have a close relationship with my professors and feel the same support I have from my family. Nursing has always been my biggest goal. I feel that in my upbringing I have …show more content…

After I graduated I went from part time to full time. I met my husband a year after I had graduated and I moved back here to New York with him. I came and settled in here and really enjoyed it. I started to look for some schools around my area and saw that Sanford Brown offered a medical assistant program. One of my friends had recently graduated from there and told me to start and then progress out to other fields. Sanford-Brown gave me the opportunity to work in different fields and see what I enjoyed best. I graduated as a Registered Medical Assistant. During my clinicals, I did my externship at Beth Israel infertility center. Experiencing that some women have so many obstacles to get pregnant really broke my heart. After my externship, I went to work at a urology office and they treated me like family the minute I started working there. After some time of working here, we moved to North Carolina due to my husband's job. I then got a position in internal medicine. I learned how to give injections, which was new to me since in infertility and urology clinics I only practiced phlebotomy. I also learned the weight management aspect of the clinic and saw a lot of transformations on many of the patients. After having two kids I knew I needed to work on my weight and their transformations inspired me to work on a healthy …show more content…

I have a husband that has been supportive of my career and that is extremely important for me. My biggest dream is to have my kids see me walk across the stage with the diploma I have always dreamed of accomplishing. I have already been going to school for a year at Laguardia as a liberal arts major. I have been in the process of completing requirements for a bachelor's degree in nursing. I am a hard working, success-driven woman, I have the advantage of having taken several years to think about the career that drives me. I know that I would be a great addition to the upcoming nursing class and in the near future, hope to be working as a Registered

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