Physician Assistant Capstone Project Report

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For my Capstone Project, I chose the career as physician assistant. I worked hard throughout the year to make sure I make a good grade on the Capstone Project. I job shadowed at D.D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center in the pain management unit. I spent most of the time observing my mentor while she performed check-ups on her patients. Also, I saw my mentor give injections to patients to help with pain. I researched the roles and contributions of a physician assistant in the medical field. I did not realize how much physician assistants could do until I researched it. Also, the contributions that physician assistants make go unnoticed by many, they are trained to be just as proficient as physicians. For my product extension, I learned how to do back exercises on a pain management patient, and I will have a demonstration video with a handout. I may intend to pursue a career being a physician assistant, but if I later change my mind, I will pursue a career in dentistry. …show more content…

The hardest part was the research paper. The research paper was very stressful and frustrating in the beginning because I had no idea what my thesis statement would be. After I job shadowed and came up with my thesis statement, the paper was pretty easy. The rewarding part of the project was making an A on my research paper and other parts of the project. I learned that time management was the key when doing the Capstone Project. In order to get everything done and turned in on the due dates, I had to manage my time and not

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