Interoperability In Nursing

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Advanced information management, which incorporates electronic health information (EHI) or electronic health records (EHR), encompasses more than just a physical location in today’s medical world. Using this technology assists in streamlining medical care in all areas possible and helps to connect people in ways in which one does not have to be in a certain physical location to be seen or assisted by a doctor or a nurse.
With the merger of two organizations that have funds to bring new technology to the underserved populations and to be able to offer their services is a big undertaking and takes a team approach to set up the right health information system. As an information nurse specialist working to bring this together it is important …show more content…

3.” ("Interoperability," 2010) Interoperability will be important in this situation because with having two organizations that have just merged it will look at the discrepancies between the two organizations on a foundational, structural and sematic level which will ensure that all the information and data will be shared in the new system assisting in the medical providers being able to see the most up-to-date information on the patient population to make a smooth and easy transition of care.
A4a. Standardized Nursing Terminology The importance of standardizing nursing terms is to have better communication in the medical community, which assists in having better patient care and with the standardization evidence-based data can be collected to help increase better patient outcomes. Standardization will assist in nurses following standards of care; increase the ability to see what the nurse has done for the patients, and assist in looking at the competency level of the nurses.
5.Two Federal Regulatory Requirements Two identified federal regulatory requirements that have been identified

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