Nursing Informatics

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Week 9 Overcoming Factors That Impact Informatics Initiatives DB Main Post
Informatics impacts the healthcare setting, through the implementation of EHRs. A nurse informaticist not only manages the implementation of technology but follows guidelines set by ANA. Growth in nursing is moving forward as technology is erupting on the scene. The purpose of this paper does nurse impact leadership change for nurses moving into nursing informatics. Can implementation of technological transformation the care of patients, and components of ANCC Magnet health care set?
Nurse Leadership Strategies to Facilitate Change during Informatics Initiatives
Transformation Innovative changes are occurring in nursing practice due to the implementation of technology. Nurse leaders are awakening bringing new ideas to the practice that excite, inspire, inform, and engage nurses to become a part of the changes. These authors speak about building a relationship using communication; action plans to encourage change. Leaders need to embrace change is important to …show more content…

Change agents are aware of the needs of the environment, need to upgrading nursing practice, and recognizing that change comes hard for people.
Change agents are nurse leaders that inspire nurses to incorporate clinical change into their work environment through communication and education (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012e). Therefore, nursing, IT is not the only change taking place, but a change in clinical changes occurring at the same time. For example, Roy Simpson discusses that there are many 1000 of nomenclature that describe diseases, medication dosages, colors of infectious blood, mucus and tissue. Using IT to reduce the number of descriptions are taking place during the same time implementation and other task occurring in the nursing unit.
Challenges Experienced during an Informatics

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