MSN Role Development

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Obtaining certification in a specialty area is one way a nurse confirms she has achieved the necessary knowledge and skill within that practice area to be considered above average (Rauen, Shumate, & Gendron-Trainer, 2016). In order to realize my goal of board certification as a master’s prepared informatics nurse, I must first gain the required education, expertise, and competence through classes and practice experiences. This paper will discuss how each MSN core course, each MSN specialty course, and each potential practice experience will improve upon the competencies needed to obtain board certification in informatics after obtaining my MSN from American Sentinel University. MSN Core Courses MSN Role Development (N501PE) Role development…show more content…
This course will assist in augmenting teaching strategies and methodologies as listed under education and staff development in the professional practice competency. Formulating teaching plans and resources is part of the curriculum of the course as well as a competency for certification. Advanced Physical Assessment (N522PE) This course focuses on anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, and health assessment. Providing culturally competent care, effective data collection and comprehensive assessment across the lifespan are goals of the class. This course will be useful in competencies related to professional practice, specifically communicating effectively. One cannot perform a thorough assessment without effective communication skills. MSN Specialty Courses Clinical and Administrative Systems…show more content…
Competencies gained from this course will be found in foundations of nursing informatics with benchmarking, outcome probabilities, and expert decision support. Healthcare Project Management (N527PE) Healthcare project management shows methods of managing healthcare projects, aiding the strategic goals of the institution. This course will add to competencies in each of the areas listed under systems life cycle in my previous paper. The skills necessary for performing needs assessments, gap analysis, and feasibility analysis will be acquired as well as creating clinical and data work flow diagrams. Reporting analysis to those interested and providing market and vendor analysis will also be addressed. Information Security and Privacy in Healthcare Environments (IS555) This course deals with physical and technical secure storage of information, processing, and retrieving the information, and the distinct regulations to the healthcare

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