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  • Electronic Health Record Ethical Issues

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    INTRODUCTION An electronic health record (EHR) is a record of a patient 's medical details (including history, physical examination, investigations and treatment) in digital format. Physicians and hospitals are implementing EHRs because they offer several advantages over paper records. They increase access to health care, improve the quality of care and decrease costs. However, ethical issues related to EHRs confront health personnel. When patient 's health data are shared or linked without the patients

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)

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    information technology concerning health, or health IT. Hospitals are expected to narrow medical flaws. For instance, in orders and administration of the wrong dose of medication. It is also caterers’ yearning to have access and be able to share information of patients without difficulty, and so with care improvement. Furthermore, businesses and governments expect to save an amount by efficiency development. Based from RAND Corporation researchers, complete IT systems in health implementation has the ability

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Health Records

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    applications has been ruminate in electronic healthcare (e-health), e.g., electronic health records, accounting and billing, medical research, and trading intellectual property .In particular Personal Health Records(PHRs) are believed to abate costs in healthcare and to improve personal health management in general. Healthcare organizations also must comply with multiple standards and regulations regarding patient data privacy, including those issued by the Joint Commission, the Health Insurance Portability

  • Pain Assessment

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    Introduction The topic of this essay is pain assessment in advanced dementia scale (PAINAD) (Appendix 1) (Warden, hurley and Volicer 2003). This PAINAD was discover during my field visit in community hospital which is the Assisi hospice. Assisi hospice use this as a clinical guide line in assessing pain for demented patient, this drive me to know more about assessing pain for this special group of demented patient. In Tan Tock Seng hospital, both general ward and geriatric ward are not using this

  • Professionalism In The Workplace: A Case Study

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    Professional is “a person who acts professionally is conscientious in actions, knowledgeable in the subject, and responsible to self and others” (Pottery & Perry, 2015, P. 3). Professionalism in the workplace, to me as the nurse, means that someone can think critically, provide safe quality care, communicate therapeutically with the patient, and has standards of accountability and punctuality. Critical thinking is “the active, purposeful, organized, cognitive process used to carefully examine one’s

  • Impact Of Managerial Leadership On Employee Turnover

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    Impact of Managerial Leadership on Employee Turnover Introduction Employee turnover has always been an important topic of discussion for human resource managers. Turnover entails a huge cost to the organisation. Several reasons have been cited for the increasing employee turnover. One of the major reasons for it is the impact of the leader’s behaviour. Leader plays a vital role in winning the employees’ commitment towards the organisation. No organisation can succeed without the wholehearted cooperation

  • Essay On Nursing Skills

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    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the study Learning is a change in behavior over time that is brought about by experience during training in educational encounter (Akubuiro and Joshua, 2003). Training as part of education, is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competence as a result of the teaching of practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competences (Angel, 2007). Training helps the learner to acquire

  • Payroll Opportunities

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    physical and technological measures to secure the privacy of all confidential information of their clients and their staff. c. Local compliances BDO Malaysia will ensure that their clients are updated with the latest regulatory requirements and ensure records and fillings are in compliances. d. Technology BDO Malaysia’s payroll system run on dedicated servers which support their E-portal capability using client employee-specific logon credentials. All communications with the server are encrypted and

  • Essay On Nursing Role In Nursing

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    Nurse as Leader in the Future Identification of the influence of nursing on important health care decision at all levels. Nurses have proven to be needed at the front of health care at every setting; the nurse usually first sees patients during a hospital visit, sometimes with doctors rounding, and before patients are discharge home, No matter the circumstances, a nurse has many influences on the patients’ health. One of the very important rules we have as nurses is to advocate for patients at all

  • Patient Dignity In Nursing Case Study

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    PART A: DIGNIFIED CARE IN NURSING: Dignity; “the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect.” (Oxforddictionaries.com, 2016). Nurses must respect patient dignity because they have a duty of care to each client. Without respecting this, a patient may feel they have not received the correct standard of care, which may prolong their recovery time. Dignified care in nursing practice means delivering a service to patients or clients in a way that respects their rights as human beings. Nurses

  • Madeleine Leininger's Transcultural Nursing: Nursing, Diversity And Universality Theory

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    Desai depicts health as a vital part of life. Health is determined by the culture and values followed. A person may be heathy in the nurse’s point of view, but according to the person’s culture they do not feel health. A nurse needs to provide care till the patient feels healthy. Desai also believes that health is when the person feels as a whole. Leininger’s portrayal of health when the patient is in good condition, culturally defined, valued and

  • Nursing: The Importance Of Nursing Theory

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    author remarks the importance of the true presence of the nurse when interacting with the patients (person) to work along with them (nursing practice) in the process of learning about themselves (environment) and what they feels is better for their health (health) (Wilson, 2016). In order to scientifically prove the importance of theory to the nursing profession, this paper will use scholarly

  • Professional Nursing Role

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    involving the well-being or illness of an individual (Nurse Career Tips - 2017). According to the Royal College of Nursing, nursing is the use of clinical judgement in the provision of care to enable people to improve, maintain, or recover health, to cope with health problems, and to achieve the best possible quality of life, whatever

  • Symbolism In Raymond Carver's 'A Small, Good Thing'

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    Raymond Carver's "A Small, Good Thing" (6 points) 1.) When the baker call the Weisses the noise of machinery can be heard in the background. Is this at all symbolic of the larger theme of the story? The use of the humming in the background can be symbolic of life’s calling. Although there was the time needed for the parents to mourn the death of their child, they were not promised any. Within the same day of their sons death, they had events and tasks that needed their attention. Life waits for

  • Quality Control In Health Care Essay

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    2.1 DIMENSIONS OF QUALITY CONTROL IN HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEM This concept is taken from module 2 “Concept of public health management”, sub-topic 2 “Quality control”. Quality control also known as QC is the process through which business strives to ensure that the quality of their products are maintained or are improved and they ensure that they eliminate or reduce manufacturing errors. In the health care delivery system we find out that there are different hospitals and different

  • Awakenings The Movie Essay

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    Awakenings, (1990) directed by Penny Marshall, is a drama film based on Oliver Sacks memoir of the same title. Penny Marshall, an American actress, director and producer. And also a dancer. It tells the true story of British Neurologist,Oliver Sacks. Oliver Sacks as American Malcolm Sayer, who discovered beneficial effects of drugs L-Dopa. Sayer administered it to catatonic patients who survived the 1917 28 epidemic of encephalitis lethargic. And one of this patients is Leonard Lowe. Leonard Lowe

  • Transactional Leadership Theory In Nursing

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    Transactional Leadership is based on the principles of the social exchange theory, in which an individual would expect to give and receive benefits or rewards when engaging in a social interaction (Sullivan, 2012). The interaction will cease if one or both person decides that the exchange of benefits and rewards are no longer worthwhile. Transactional Leadership theory also focus on the task that need to be carried out and makes sure they are done the right way as compared to Transformational Leadership

  • Duty Of Care Ethics

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    Duty of care plays a major role for health professionals, Duty of care follows codes and principles put into action for facilities such as hospitals via external sources such as the Government, in order achieve one core goal which is to ensure that the patient is subject to the best possible care that can be given by the facility and the Health Professionals working at the health facility. Duty of care is defined as “the obligations placed on people in a certain way, in accordance with certain standards”

  • Normative Values In Nursing

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    client, AACN, is to serve as a facilitator for excellence in nursing education, research, and practice. Their vision is to lead health care transformation and improve health. Guided by these values and the vision of the client, this proposal will improve the preparation of primary care nurse practitioners and ultimately improve health. According to Braverman (2014), health equity is the basis for a commitment to reduce- and, ultimately eradicate – disparities

  • The Mcarae Nursing Model

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    well. He traced back the nursing model conceived by Hildegrad Peplau specifically providing a backbone for practice of the therapeutic use of self as an agent of change towards patients on all walks of life and not only for nurses practicing mental health nursing. This nursing model proved to be very amenable due to the described process in interaction which starts with orientation, identification, exploitation and resolution. Moreover, as