Nurse Burnout Essay

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Being a nurse is one of the hardest jobs, including one of the lowest paying for the workload nurses take on. Nurses go through years of schooling, and many nurses often end up disliking their chosen profession. There seems to always be a shortage of nurses so many nurses are more than often overworked and underpaid. Having another individual’s health hang in your balance can cause mental and physical exhaustion which can eventually lead to nurse burnout. Many nurses that work in high-stress environments and not having the proper training or enough assistance can lead to serious mistakes in patient care. In order for patients to receive the right care, they must have willing and compassionate care by nurses and doctors to treat and heal them. …show more content…

The two nurses worked at the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend in Wales, which is located in the United Kingdom. Lauro Bertulano and Rebecca Jones had been falsifying blood work(Bolton). They claimed that their workloads were too big for one nurse to take on. In total, they had made 77 discrepancies. They claimed that they had done no harm to their patients, but they were lucky no mishaps occurred, but they both lost their licenses and spent time in jail(Bolton). The judge that had sentenced the two stated that these nurses had made a, “"a clear-eyed and calculated deception, the purpose of which was to make the defendants ' working time easier”(Bolton). An article in the American journal of Critical Care states that “Although healthcare providers are note expected to make errors, mistakes do occur, and some mistakes have resulted in serious injury or death”(“Effects”). There is an alarming amount of mistakes made by healthcare providers and many if not all could have easily been avoided if staff had proper training, enough staff, and had better environments to work in (“Effects”). The articles states, “Of the 5 million patients admitted to critical care units in a year, all will experience at least one preventable adverse

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